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Professional dedication, having both ability and political integrity, highly recognized Cang nan Logo Printing Factiory culture employees


Cang nan Logo Printing Factiory talent concept:
- talent is the business, the people are the way, talent is the soul of development.
- to save lost people, the land is lost; Save the people, the people are to save.
- knowledge is survival of the country, and skills are the root of position.
-- we should respect Labour, respect knowledge, respect talents, respect creation.


Cang nan Logo Printing Factiory on college students' expectations:
- sea broad by diving, the days of high niaofei.
-- if you are an eagle, ou south YinYe is your sky, how high can you fly, you will
Fly high; If you are a beautiful horse, ou south YinYe is your grassland, can you Benz
How far, you how far Benz.


Cang nan Logo Printing Factiory staff incentive means:
- target motivation, honor incentive, material incentive, training incentive, authorized incentive,
Emotional incentive.
- eight hours work hard, eight hours outside color more.
- business have the opportunity, director-general has the stage, development space, and training have class, entertainment have
Place, welfare is guaranteed.

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